Absurd Algorithms

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With algorithms appearing across industries, and becoming more popular than ever with AI and Machine Learning, I started to think- what exactly are these algorithms doing? What are the measurements that determine its calculation? Algorithms are opaque, a sort of "black box of magic" that take inputs to produce desired outputs without revealing how they work. The crazy thing is, we rely on these algorithms on a daily basis. This is how Absurd Algorithms came to be. I created this art piece where I would create my own algorithms that are absurd- because if we don't kow how they work, they might as well be absurd.

I decided to share this art piece with the world, and allow others to see my Absurd Algorithms. This website was also created as a forum for others to share their Absurd Algorithm ideas, and if I like it enough I will build it.

Absurd Algorithms

Find a partner

Based on the distances between one's facial features

Find an apartment

Based on one's past orders from Seamless

Find a show to watch on Netflix

Based on your Zodiac sign